How The Career Of A Lawyer Is Shaped?

The moment you step out of your law school and pass the Bar Examination, your career starts! Now law in itself is vast and has hundereds of options available for you to begin with. The way you want your career to develop is entirely in your own hands.

Since laws in general, vary greatly from one country to another, the careers of the lawyers also get shaped differently. But in general, lawyers have one of these three choices to make once they come out of their law school -

- Common Law/Civil Law

- Working as an intern

- Specialization

It depends from person to person as to what path he/she wants to take. Let us observe these three in some more detail.

In the first case, the lawyers can proceed in various ways. They can have a private practice, where they concentrate on criminal or civil law. Criminal law involved lawyers representing individuals who have charged with crimes. The lawyers argue their cases in court. When it comes to civil cases, lawyers assist clients with issues relating to wills, contracts, mortgages etc.

In a private practice there are also special cases where the lawyer is employed full-time by a single client. If the client is a corporation, then this is known as an in-house counsel and major job is to advise the company when it comes to the company's business activities. This involves, but is not limited to patents, goverment regulations etc. The lawyer can also work for the goverment. Common areas are State attorneys general, as prosecutors and public defenders in criminal courts. Attorneys also sometimes help the U.S Department of Justice by investigating cases for them. They can also argue cases on behalf of the goverment.

Secondly, lawyers can also opt joining law firms. By this we imply that the fresh law school passout opts for an internship. This is one of the best methods for progressing and preparing your career in law. Some companies even pay their interns. Here you get placed within a law firm and get to know how things really work.

Law firms are specialized businesses that cater to clients (usually other businesses)from the legal point of view by helping them fight cases and giving legal advice on matters relating to business. Law firms can have anywhere between one and a thousand lawyers. But usually, the number of lawyers are well within 50. Working as interns in established law firms gives an individual good credentials as well as the experience to tackle issues with a chance to learn from experienced lawyers. Many interns who perform well eventually join the law firms as regular employees. Law firms generally pay lawyers well.

Another place where many interns join to work as interns and is highly recommended on a resume are clerkships under a judge. These are offered only to the exceptionally bright students and give the individual a chance to work in the most powerful court of all, the Supreme Court.

The last option is specialization. This means that after becoming a lawyer, he/she starts choosing and searching for cases that are related to certain field in order to gain experience in that field and eventually become an expert. For eg. a lawyer may start choosing cases related to child advocacy such as child custody, child abuse etc and become an expert in the field.

Law offers scope for unparalleled growth and unlimited options to shape your career.