Top Law Schools To Apply In The U.S

After wrapping up your undergraduate degree, this is the question which is on every graduate's mind. With a large number of law schools offering similar courses which one to chose?

All graduates should weigh the pros and cons of each and every law school correctly. Harvard, even after being in the top list of law schools may not be the best choice for each and every student. The main factors generally considered by graduates are -

1. Prestige of the law school

2. Costs associated

3. Financial assistance offered by the law school

4. Location of the law school

5. Environment of the school

Only the prestige and reputation should not be the first priority. The law school is going to be your second home for the 3 years post grad school. Every care must be taken that your chosen school is suitable for you in each and every way. If you are the quiet, minding-your-own-business kind of person are you sure you would like to study in a city? Or, if you've been born and brought up in the city, would you like to go and spend 3 years in a small town?

A major factor also to be taken under consideration is the fees of the law school. Is taking admission into a law school which takes one and a half times the fees accepted by another law school but does not make such a significant difference when you finally step out into the world worth it? These all decisions are to be taken with after completely analysing your needs and requirements.

Keeping the above in mind, here is the list of some of the top law schools in the U.S (in no particular order)

- Yale U

- Harvard U

- Stanford U

- Columbia U

- New York U

- UC Berkeley

- U Chicago

- U Pennsylvania

- Northwestern U

- U Michigan-Ann Arbor

- U Virginia

- Cornell U

- Duke U

Ranking schools is not a good practice simply because a school cannot and should not be ranked. The needs of each and every student varies. But still the internet and different magazines are filled with articles ranking the schools in different orders.

Since now you have the above list of the top law schools in U.S , you should start researching all the law schools you are interested in. Find out the location, students, social life, professors, living conditions etc. Having an already prepared list of these in hand will help you make a sound decision later on.

Typically, after applying to different law schools, you will receive acceptance letter as well as rejection letters. Don't take the rejections to your heart. Also, if fortunately you get acceptance letters from more than one law school, make sure you inform the respective law schools as soon as you make your decision. Doing so gives other students opportunities to join or avail financial resources previously extended. Beginning on June 15 every year, all law schools should be provided information regarding all enrolment commitments to any law school made by applicants.

"Don't give up!" is the simple dictum to be followed here. Keep working hard and be positive, you will eventually get selected. Best of luck!