Different Types Of Lawyers And Types Of Specializations

Majority of us have the impression that lawyers are just people who wear black coats and argue in courts. But there's more to that story. A law degree can open the door to a large number of career opportunities. Lawyers form the backbone of society and are indispensable due to the fact that they help their clients resolve issues by practicing law. Now, law is a big term in itself, encompassing a broad range of activities.

Here are some of the different areas in which a lawyer can be expected to work-

- Administrative

- Civil Litigation

- Constitutional Law

- Corporate and Commercial Law

- Criminal Law

- Environmental Law

- Family Law

- Immigration Law

- Intellectual Property Law

- International Law

- Labour and Employment Law

- Real Estate Law

- Securities Law

- Tax Law

- Other Areas such as Entertainment law, health law etc

Phew! Now probably you realise why you need a lawyer. All these specializations operate exactly in the same way as their name specifies. For eg. Criminal Law is related to the cases which deal with resolving crimes committed against public and members of the public. Family Law (more info at Seattle Family Lawyer)deals with the legal relationships and the disputes arising due to them such as divorce, child custody etc.

However, with the rise in population and the recent advancements in fields such as entertainment, healthcare etc, the types of lawyers have start becoming more and more specialized. There is a previously unnoticed but significant growth in the demand for legal services in areas such as health care, intellectual property, energy, venture capital etc which are well paid jobs worth specializing in. Moreever, with the improved financial positions of the ever-growing middle class, more and more middle class citizens are making the use of lawyers. This is leading to newfound areas such as Child Advocacy part of which comes under Family Law. But this is extended beyond child custody issues to include child abuse issues also.

But at the same time, one important fact must be kept in mind. Prospective lawyers are not given a choice to choose their wanted field of specialization and study that for the next 3 years. If we look at the curriculum of a law school student carefully, we will see that there are lots and lots of subjects in which every law student is required to acquire proficiency. These include Civil Law, Criminal Law, Commercial Law and Remedial Law. These have their own sub-sections. For eg. under Civil Law comes family law.

Thus we have seen that all students in a law school have to study all these subjects and pass with good marks in all. Now, when you pass the Bar Examination to finally become a lawyer, then you get to decide what kind of lawyer you want to become. Now it is your decision as to what type of lawyer you want to become. So, if you want to specialize in Family Law cases, then you accept related cases. You start specializing and learning here. Being a lawyer is a continuous learning profession and highly rewarding.